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Department of Chemistry, Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran


The core of indenopyridine is present in group 4-azafluronone alkaloids, which is shown with its simplest member, Onikinine. Many of the derivatives of indenopyridine have exhibited bonding activities with the Adenosine A2a receptor and inhibited phosphodiesterase in the treatment of neurological disorders and inflammatory diseases. They also act as antagonists to calcium and herbicides. In this way, these compounds are known to be chemical and biological heterocycles. As a result, the convenient synthesis of these molecules has attracted the attention of the organic synthesis community. In this study, we presented the synthesis of indopyridine with the use of nano-CeO2/ZnO as a heterogeneous and recyclable catalyst with high efficiency under reflux conditions.

Graphical Abstract

Synthesis of indeno [1,2-b] pyridine derivatives in the precense of Nano CeO2/ZnO


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