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School of Management, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, India


The strategic model of business is interlinked with the development of organizational productivity. In this context, organizational strategic human resource management (SHRM) practices regarding employee engagement and firm performance have helped to secure a competitive position in the market. Apart from this, a wide range of activities and resource-based views by SHRM has been accomplished to expand professional opportunities for the workforce. Development of the workforce has helped to increase organizational production as well as brand image in the market. Besides, proper implementation of SHRM practices has played a role in developing a healthy work environment for the employees. It is also useful for introducing a positive impact on the market due to appropriate concern on employee activities. This research has discussed the role of SHRM in business strategy with the aid of some evidence based on instances from Indian retail industry.

Graphical Abstract

Contribution of strategic human resource management towards the growth of the modern era organizations: A research study on the Indian retail industry


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