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1 Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, Lorestan University of Medical ‎Sciences, Khorramabad, Iran

2 MD, Faculty of Medicine, Lorestan University of Medical Sciences, Khorramabad, Iran


Different glomerular diseases are associated with various neoplasms. It seems obvious that ‎Carcinoma of Unknown Primary (CUP) induced nephrotic syndrome is rare. In this regard, the ‎present article introduces a patient suffering from nephrotic syndrome associated with CUP. ‎Patient is a 65-year-old non-smoker male who referred to the clinic for one-month generalized ‎edema. The patient was also complaining from coughing and bulky yellowish sputum with no ‎signs of blood. Patient's chest radiography revealed pulmonary pleural effusion of the left lung, ‎but no other pathological findings were revealed. Patient's cytology report of pleural fluid ‎indicated metastatic carcinoma, and therefore, the patient needed additional examinations so that ‎the origin of metastases (lung, gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, etc.) could be detected. Finally, ‎chemotherapy treatments began when the patient was diagnosed with Carcinoma of Unknown ‎Primary (CUP). With the continuation of chemotherapy treatment and follow-up after more than ‎a year of treatment, the patient is now generally well-off; his nephrotic syndrome has also been in ‎remission parallel to chemotherapy. Significant point in the treatment of this patient is ‎proteinuria, hypercholesterolemia and ‎ hyponatremia remission in two stages of chemotherapy. ‎These findings suggest probable para-neoplastic nephrotic syndrome.‎ The treatment of paraneoplastic is the treatment of underlying cause.

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Nephrotic syndrome associated with carcinoma of unknown primary ‎treated with chemotherapy: A rare case report


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