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1 Department of Engineering, AL-Nisour University College, Baghdad, Iraq

2 Department of Pharmacy, Al-Noor University College, Nineveh, Iraq

3 Department of Pharmacy, Al-Hadi University College, Baghdad, 10011, Iraq

4 Department of Pharmacy, Mazaya university college Iraq

5 Department of Pharmacy, Al-Esraa University College, Baghdad, Iraq

6 Department of Pharmaceuticals, College of Pharmacy, National University of Science and Technology, Dhi Qar, Iraq


This method was based on the use of the diazotization method, as a simple, sensitive method, and easy spectrophotometric way, for the determination of Mogadon drug or called Nitrazepam (NZP) in pharmaceutical tablets. This way depends upon the reduction of the nitro to amino group; reacts with reagent catechol to form a color complex with the best maximum absorption at 463 nm. The optimal conditions were studied for an experiment such as effect of base volume, effect of kind and acid volume, contact time, and temperature. The spectrophotometric way has been successfully useful to determine NZP in pharmaceutical tablets. The best absorbance as optimal volume NaOH at 1 mL and 1 mL HCl. Optimal time required to complete the azo coupling reaction was found to be 3 min for NZP drug.  Where the range concentration 1-20 mg/10 mL, it obeys Lambert Beer Law Correlation coefficient (R2 =0.9982). The selectivity of the suggested was reveals the influence of number of some materials foreign (like lactose, starch, glucose, dextrose). The data show that the examined interferences non-overlap with suggested method. The recovery of NZP drug in tablets was in the range of (96% -100.1 %). The statistical result compared with these found by a way reported in literature. This simple, sensitive, and selective, method can be utilized to do control analysis for drug determination.

Graphical Abstract

Highly development and validation of a spectrophotometric method for Mogadon drug in pharmaceutical tablets by diazotization reaction


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